About us

Our company DABALTA IR KO, has been successfully operating in Lithuania for more than 21 years. We are proud that a company has managed to maintain its proper payment discipline and a high credit score for 10 consecutive years and is a trustworthy business partner.

In 2020, in response to the consequences of the COVID-19 virus and the influx of non-certified medical supplies into Lithuania, we invested in the production line of disposable medical masks that meet the requirements of the EN 14683 standard and started their production.


To provide people of Lithuanian medical institutions and companies with disposable medical masks that meet the highest quality requirements.


Capacity 400 000 pcs. per month

Trusted  by

Dentists, manufacturing companies, family clinics. German companies and clinics.


2020 October

The production line for medical masks started operating. Our masks meet II Type standarts.

2020 November

Website medicalmasks.lt is online.

2020 December

Our masks meet IIR Type standarts. 

2021 January

A new packaging line has started operating. Now we can offer our customers 5 and 10 pcs in a package.